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LUXE OBJECTS Est. 2009LUXE OBJECTS-Nichols Hills Plaza Oklahoma CityAn Oklahoma City Store with a Divine Twist

LUXE OBJECTS-Nichols Hills Plaza Oklahoma City
Owners Mary & Katharine Tabbytite

 The very name, Luxe Objects, ignites every syntax in the shopper’s mind . . . cue the endorphins.

 Mother-daughter team Mary and Katharine Tabbytite have appointed their Oklahoma City luxury store in Nichols Hills Plaza with the best the retail world has to offer, which translates to an exceptionally unique collection of oh-so-covetable objects, home furnishings, jewelry and gifts.  

LUXE OBJECTS-Nichols Hills Plaza Oklahoma City
Interior Designer Janis Bevers’ Studio Inside LUXE

 Luxe Objects artfully blends each hand-selected object’s beauty with its practical use in the home, sometimes by reinventing vintage home goods into new interpretations of function with harmony.  Mary Tabbytite explains, “We choose each piece for its individual beauty, keeping in mind our belief that design items should be useful, comfortable and special in your eyes.”

 With a passion for dramatic design statements, Luxe Objects offers come-hither collections of  jewelry and gifts that all whisper the same word . . . . . . . .  luxe


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